Selected Press for The Roost

Jeremiah Kipp -
"Anyone who says they don’t make 'em like they used to just isn’t looking hard enough."

Maitland McDonagh - TV Guide's Movie Guide
"West's affectionate homage to no-frills fright flicks keeps it simple and succeeds on its own stripped-down terms."

Kevin Crust - Los Angeles Times
"The Roost, writer-director Ti West's homage to low-budget '70s horror movies, places a premium on tension while taking a fresh bite out of the old vampire-bat tale."

Film Threat
"It’s made by people who have a major love for the genre and generally anything that goes bump in the night."

Scott Foundas - L.A. Weekly
"The Roost was made for about one-hundredth the cost of most Hollywood genre fare and has at least a thousand times the imagination."

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