Selected Press for Down to the Bone

Robert Koehler - Variety
"...a gifted cast and cinematographer. The pent-up emotions and disappointments simmering inside Irene are expressed with magnificent quietude by Vera Farmiga who finally gets a role that shows her talent. Farmiga's work and the film as a whole show keen intelligence. Michael McDonough's digital lensing is surpassingly beautiful. Dillon's perf as a man who only seems to have it together is marvelous in every detail. Production is a model of what can be done on a tiny budget."

Peter Travers - Rolling Stone
"If there were an ounce of taste left in Hollywood, the magnificent Vera Farmiga would be a front-runner for the Best Actress Oscar."

David Ansen - Newsweek
"A Revelation! One of the Top 5 Actresses of the Year!"

Dana Stevens - The New York Times
"A beautifully faceted gem."

Owen Gleiberman - Entertainment Weekly
"Down to the Bone achieves what only the best independent films have: making life, at its most unvarnished, a journey.  Vera Farmiga gives a fearless performance."

Kevin Thomas - Los Angleles Times
"Down to the Bone emerges with an aura of authenticity so strong as to be mesmerizing, thanks to a superior script brought to life with infallibly natural performances."

The Gothamist
"If you're going to pick one new release this weekend, the best choice would have to be Down to the Bone."

Kirk Honeycutt - Hollywood Reporter
"(Farmiga's) is a performance without histrionics... a breakout role."

Marjorie Baumgarten - Austin Chronicle
Down and Dirty - Pasty people vs. pretty people, low budget vs. big budget, Peter Biskind vs. Robert Redford
The 2004 Sundance Film Festival
"The winner of the Special Jury prize for Dramatic Directing went to Debra Granik's Down to the Bone, whose star Vera Farmiga also received a Special Jury award for acting. This searing film observes the harsh details of the life of a working-class wife and mother who is desperately trying to kick cocaine. Farmiga's understated yet devastating portrait bears such truth that viewers will leave the theatres also craving."

Stephen Garrett - Indiewire
"a starkly fresh take."

Pete Vonder Haar, Film Threat
3 and a half stars
"Granik's decision to use real locations grounds the story as well, and ultimately allows the audience to become immersed ...But the film's real strength lies in its lack of pat resolutions ...strong performances from Vera Farmiga and Hugh Dillon ...(Farmiga) brings needed weight to a role... "Down to the Bone" achieve a resonance rarely found in similar films without becoming bogged down in cliche."

Glen Lovell - Mercury News
Sundance Film Festival - festival favorites
2004 A Great Vintage for Finely Crafted Independent Features
"Down to the Bone (U.S.) - Vera Farmiga turns in a career-making performance as a recovering drug addict whose frightened, deep-set eyes say it all: She's one dumb mistake from a relapse. A familiar story afforded very unfamiliar treatment by director Debra Granik, who shot in dirty snow in upstate New York."

Anne Thompson - The Observer
The Fame Academy of Film - a dozen breakthrough successes
"Debra Granik, writer-director of the cinema verite recovery drama Down to the Bone, coaxed an extraordinarily precise, restrained performance from emerging actress... Vera Farmiga, who also stood out as a working-class feminist in HBO's eye-opening suffragette drama Iron Jawed Angels."

Spencer Parsons - Austin Chronicle
Simon Houpt, Globe and Mail (page R6) | Saturday, January 24, 2004
"True, there were a number of apolitical films that got people talking...Down to the Bone, a disturbing portrait of drug addiction with subtle, restrained performances from Vera Farmiga and Canadian rocker-turned-actor Hugh Dillon (Hard Core Logo);"

Anthony Kaufman - Indiewire
Sundance '04: A growth industry, but Biskind's tell-all both thrills and chills the indie set
"best directing honors to Debra Granik and a special jury prize to actress Vera Farmiga for their work on Down to the Bone, a bracing depiction of a mother of two struggling with drug addiction."

Tim Appello - Seattle Weekly
"it, and rising indie star Vera Farmiga, so truthfully capture what life is really like for an ordinary middle-class American coke addict."

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